Clint Shannon

Chief of Police

Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Hal Hutchins

Chief of Police

Ocean Ridge, FL


Javaro Sims

Chief of Police

Delray Beach, FL


David England

Deputy Chief of Police

Jupiter, FL


Sean Brammer

Chief of Police

Florida Atlantic University

Boca Raton, FL

Immediate Past-President


Richard Jenkins

Chief of Police

North Palm Beach, FL

Past-President at Large


We are proud to welcome you to the Palm Beach County Association Chiefs of Police website.


Our association members are true professionals that work extremely hard on behalf of the citizens of Palm Beach County and the law enforcement officers that protect those citizens.  We are interested in hearing your views, your thoughts.


The Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police continues to strive toward its goal of a safer Palm Beach County through collaboration of law enforcement, the public, and the private sector and have done so since 1961.



Chief Clint Shannon


2020 Executive Board

Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police

PO Box 1316

West Palm Beach Florida 33402      

Tel: 772-485-2289     Fax: 561-625-0441