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"2020 Police Officer of the Year"

Awarded to Riviera Beach Detective Jemel Headings  

Association President Hal Hutchins awarded Detective Jemel Headings the "2020 Police Officer of the Year" award for his actions in stopping to assist FHP Trooper Joseph Bullock who was shot and killed by an assailant on I-95. Detective Headings was in route to work and noted the activities along I-95 in Martin County. He pulled over to help when he quickly found himself in a gunfight with the assailant who had assassinated the trooper. Detective Headings exchanged gunfire and stopped the threat. 
Detective Headings was nominated by Florida Highway Patrol Major David Chandler. This is the first nomination from a different agency recognizing the actions of another law enforcement agency.
 On behalf of all Law Enforcement in Palm Beach County we wish to say
"Congratulations Detective Headings, Job Well Done!!"
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