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Chief Hal Hutchins Retires

It is a sad day in Palm Beach County due to the retirement of our President, Chief Hal Hutchins of the Ocean Ridge Police Department. He first served the Town of Palm Beach and then with the Town of Ocean Ridge where he retired as the Chief of Police. He served on several countywide law enforcement committee's, demonstrating a exemplary style of leadership. Most notable was his appointment to the executive board for the Palm Beach County Law Enforcement Exchange, and as Regional Director for the Florida Police Chiefs Association.

With his retirement, Chief Hutchins resigned as the President of the Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police. His retirement moved up our Vice-President, Chief Javaro Sims to President. President Sims, along with several addtitional Police Chiefs from Palm Beach County met with Chief Hutchins and presented him with his Presidents Plaque and Gavel in recognition of his long service to our association..


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